Post summer holiday recovery!

Well that’s the bairns safely deposited back to school after what I can safely say was a hectic summer hols! However mummy did have a blast, after all, they’re only this age for so long….before the dreaded moody teens commence. Sometimes it’s hard to remain focused and live in the moment, because common moans and groans set in. This blog is all about getting yourself back to earth, back to normality, routine. Certain essential oils are superb at helping us with this, as also the ever useful Bach flower remedies.

Basil essential oil is known for its strength in helping us to think clearly, feel energised and focused on our goals, however small. As well as a great digestion aid, eg can calm down symptoms of IBS, which, as you may know, could be worsened by high stress and anxiety. 

Another great head clearer is the zesty, effervescent lemon. Used by retailers to help customers focus and decide whether to buy, yes they do, lemon is so uplifting and sharpens the senses and the mind. It also enables us to feel vivacious, light on our feet and a more sunnier outlook. All which lead to a more positive and vibrant existence in life, who doesn’t want that! 

Which brings us to the Bach flower remedies. Hornbeam is the classic solver of the Monday morning blues syndrome. It allows us to feel more at one with ourselves, happier, more settled and content rather than disgruntled and morose. You can take it directly onto the tongue, 4 drops at a time, or dissolve in water to sip throughout the day. 

White chestnut is great for relieving those worries you may have in the middle of the night. You know the ones who seem all the more potent when you’re lying there in the dark and quiet. But your mind isn’t! White chestnut helps us to restore calm and reason, therefore we are not exhausted from worry.

Gentian can be for despondency and even depression due to circumstances. There can be a tendency to be prone to setbacks and feeling disheartened. We must understand that life isn’t a competition, when feeling one isn’t doing enough for the kids for example. Gentian helps us take heart and renew our efforts with more energy and vigour.

All in all these are a few suggestions to encourage ourselves to look after ourselves a little more. Try it, you will be surprised at how well they work, even together as a combination remedy. 


Be life ready.

angel xxx




Fit and Fragrant Feet!

Oh no! I hear my twin girls shout as I take off my trainers! I have been plagued with whiffy feet ever since my nursing years. Recalling the very stinky female changing rooms in the hospital I was comforted that I wasn’t on my own…there were lots of others suffering from what I christened as ‘ nurses foot’! I did everything I could to stop the unpleasant affliction, including throwing them outside, even hanging them from the window of the nurses flat, even putting them into the washing machine!

However fortunately there are ways to help with feet, whether its odour control, keeping feet cool, improving circulation and reducing pain and inflammation.

The structure of the feet is amazing, almost a quarter of the bones in the whole body are present in the feet. There are thousands of nerve endings in the feet too, this makes them ideal for massaging ie reflexology and acupressure points. These nerves are connected to the whole body. The feet are our connection to the earth. Very cold numb feet can be a sign of being disconnected or not grounded.

fungal infection blend

tea tree 6 drops

myrrh 4 drops

citronella 3 drops add these to a footbath with lukewarm water and soak the feet for approx 10 mins.

Aching Feet

Peppermint 6 drops

Rosemary 3 drops

Sweaty Feet

Cypress 6 drops

Tea tree 3 drops add to a bowl of warm water and soak the feet

Athletes Foot

Apply tea tree oil neat to affected area.

Foot Cramps, Aches and Pains

Rosemary 6 drops

Black Pepper 6 drops

Add to 25mls of vegetable oil gently massage the foot and toes.

For getting rid of awful odours, you can add lemon, tea tree and rosemary essential oils directly onto inner sole area or place into washing machine and add into washing liquid eucalyptus and lime essential oils, say 10 drops of each. put onto a fairly medium setting around 40 degrees temp.


Now you’re on your way to Happy Feet! :)) X


















Give your lymph system a boost with essential oils!

Hi, I know the weathers been awful up until now but now the sunshine is here I thought  I would blog about how essential oils can help with your general circulation and help with weight loss and other conditions too. The lymphatic system follows the circulatory system and is responsible for eliminating waste from our bodies. It is part of the immune system which helps to fight off infections. Sometimes we feel drained and sluggish, have swollen ankles ( oedema) and this can bring on a sense of low mood too. When we have an infection there are lymph nodes in particular areas of the body that respond to this by swelling up, you can feel the lymph nodes at the base of the ears especially if there is a throat infection.

Also, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the circulation system does, ie the heart. The lymphatic system relies on muscular activity to help pump the waste around, as well as the white blood cells as part of the immune system. Lymph is involved in the absorption of fats from the intestines too. Poor circulation of lymph may lead to localised or general retention of fluid. This can be seen in people whose work involves long periods of standing, causing swollen ankles at the end of the day. Cellulite, involving the retention of toxic waste and fluids, particularly in the region of the thighs, hips and buttocks, and I would also add, the abdomen area too.

essential oils which are renowned to help shift sluggish toxins and boost circulation are juniper, geranium and rosemary. When treatment is over a long period, black pepper can also be used in place of rosemary and sometimes birch or patchouli are used. After this type of massage, a diuretic symptom can arise, leading to increased urination for a little while. The addition of gentle skin brushing can help aid fluid retention, just brush towards the heart. This is opposed to harsh brushing, which isn’t good at all and can pull and drag the skin causing stretch marks.

people who have very poor resistance to infection can also benefit from regular lymphatic massage, and it may be of help during convalescence. If treatment by massage does not help with lymphatic retention it could be a sign of something more medical going on, so referral to a GP would be required here.

if you wish to have lymphatic drainage massage please contact me at 0141 954 1994 or mobile 07703689468 or at

Spring Zest

Hold on, did someone mention Spring? Mmm, what with the snow all over the place and that cold biting wind from Siberia you would think it was middle of the Winter! However, we are all born with an imagination, so lets imagine it is Spring like weather! Today I am going to share my love for all things citrus in the world of aromatherapy,oh my favourite!

The Citrus family includes lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit. These are all Top Notes, ie the first scent you smell when smelling a perfume, and these are the first to disappear.

Lemon and lime with eucalyptus make a great air cleanser, add a few drops each to a humidifier.

Mandarin and basil are great for mind function clarity and focus, such a great combo, just add to a tissue and sniff before that vital presentation!

Grapefruit on its own is a fab diuretic, detoxifier and cleanser. The smell is pure Spring and also Summer! I love to add grapefruit to a wick and let it burn for a few hours.

Well, has your imagination taken you where you wanted to? Mine has. Lets hope by my next blog the sun will be shining!! Namaste, Angel xxx

What are Essential Oils ?

An essential oil is the natural fragrant essence extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, roots and berries.

When you peel a mandarin, smell jasmine, or squeeze a sprig of rosemary, it is the essential oil you are inhaling. These concentrated scents have qualities which, when extracted or distilled

Can benefit physical ailments and promote emotional as well as spiritual Wellbeing.

Essential oils work through our sense of smell. It is one of the most powerful yet underused senses. Researchers have revealed that we respond strongly to smell in the Limbic  brain, the part that deals with emotions and memories.

This explains why certain smells can trigger powerful Emotions or physical reactions….such as becoming more relaxed or being able to sleep. Alongside the emotional response, essential oils are often very beneficial physically, for the skin and muscles, encouraging healing and reducing inflammation


A Joy To The World : Aromatherapy in Winter


Want to make some frankinSENSE of how to stay healthy through the Winter? Then look no further! I will be discussing several ways to boost your immune system, enhance your mood or in other words, reduce the effects of ‘SAD’ and also fill your room with beautiful essential oil scents! Mmmm loving it already!

Quote from Paracelsus : ‘why not take care of this body, which is the receptacle of our soul, so that it may remain as healthy, strong, and as perfect as possible’

So, how do essential oils work? Well essential oils are made up of chemical constituents that in combination provide it with its physiological properties. You need to consider both the specific physical properties of the oil and its more profound characteristics. Of course, like all medicines, whether orthodox or complementary, there are some side effects you may need to watch out for.

If you have allergies, say to nuts, then you cannot use carrier oils such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. If you have high blood pressure you have to avoid rosemary, peppermint. Always check with a qualified aromatherapist, herbalist and good reference books on essential oils. Then you can feel safe and sure that you can enjoy the benefits of using essential oils for maximum health.

Here are some classic Aromablends for you to try :

Winter aches and pains..also great for rheumatic aches.

A warming blend of oils that will relieve stiffness and pain in inflamed muscles and joints. It may be also used for sprains, strains, and backache.

Cypress 2 drops

Ginger 3 drops

Juniper 4 drops

Lavender 4 drops

Pine 2 drops

add to a mixture of 10mls/2tsp comfrey oil and 25mls/5tsp almond oil and massage into painful areas.

Immuno- Stimulant Aromablend

a blend to stimulate the immune system and help fight off any infection, especially colds, flu or coughs.

Lavender 4 drops

Lemon 2 drops

Pine 4 drops

Tea Tree 6 drops

add to 30mls/2 tsp almond oil and use as a massage oil for over the kidney area or as a chest rub. Alternatively, put the blend in a 10ml/2tsp bottle and add 4 to 6 drops to a footbath or use as a steam inhalation.

Regenerative Skin Aromablend

A luxurious and rejuvenating oil suitable for prematurely ageing, tired, wrinkled to wintry scorched skin. It will also have a tonifying effect on the who.e system when Xmas has left you exhausted!

Cedarwood 2 drops

Frankincense 4 drops

Jasmine 4 drops

Palmarosa 2 drops

Sandalwood 4 drops

add to a mixture of 5mls/1 tsp avocado oil and 30mls/2 tsp almond oil and massage into the skin. For a bath oil, the quantities of essential oil can be doubled and added to 30mls/2 tbsp almond oil, use 10mls/2 tsp for each bath.

Clarity, focus and strength Aromablend.

Cedarwood 4 drops

Clove 1 drop

Frankincense 6 drops

Lemon 2 drops

Orange 2 drops

Rosemary 2 drops

Mix these essential oils into an empty 10ml/ 2 tsp bottle and add a few drops at a time to an essential oil burner.

So,here’s to a very Merry Xmas and a Healthy New Year when it comes.Please be on the lookout for more of my blogs soon, including musings about the craft world…enter if you dare! Namaste, Angel xxx

Go faster aromatherapy for sports

This post is all about that elusive commodity….stamina! We have all been on health kicks, special diets, taken supplements…but what can we try to be more efficient in the fitness arena? Well, why not look at using natures own essential oils? These concentrated drops of amazingness yield their own weaponry against the dreaded fatigue which blights our workouts and wins the fight all too many times!

okay, step up sweet marjoram! A middle note in perfume terms but very useful in giving those hard worked muscles a welcome boost and easing aches and pains with its anti inflammatory powers.

Next wonder is..eucalyptus! A very pungent, recognisable scent with equally strong benefits to a tired workout it brings so much energy to the muscles as well as the mind, keep going for longer!

Another workout wizard is basil, no, not basil brush, this herby delight casts a positive picture in that negative cant go on state of mind, when we need more focus, then please take the basil!

Lastly, enter juniper! These bold berries not only give us a buzz via our after work gin and tonic, they have supreme diuretic and stimulating properties, getting our bods into shape by relieving any bloated ness, swelling and aches and pains!

all of the above oils can be bought from trustworthy suppliers, like Neals Yard Remedies, Base Formula, Tisserand, Aromatics International. Any where that you can get a data sheet for each essential oil will suffice.

do not apply neat to the skin, always dilute in a carrier oil, like grapeseed or jojoba or coconut oil.

these are not suitable for those who are pregnant.

look forward to a much better, more rewarding workout!

Contact me at if you require any additional advice

namaste, Angel xxx